Infospica Talk
Video Conferencing
Dedicated video conferencing solution for your organization.

Infospica Talk is a secured online Video conferencing, online meetings, and webinar software to bring your customers, and team members together. Our video conferencing solution makes it easy to instantly connect and collaborate with people inside and outside your organization. Participants can join meetings from any device, by simply clicking on the meeting invite link.


Conduct online video conference meetings from anywhere with real-time audio, remote control, and screen sharing facilities. Easily host or join a fully-featured online meeting through any browser, computer, or mobile device with a consistent experience across all.

Live Webinar
Live Webinar

Host live video webinars and share your screen, an application window, or another monitor's screen to support your presentation. To protect your privacy, our webinar solution also lets you host webinars with your video on or off.

Screen Sharing
Screen Sharing

Our Meeting's remote access feature makes it easy for participants to collaborate in real-time on a shared screen. You can share what’s shown on your desktop/screen with every participant. It can also be used by IT personnel to troubleshoot technical issues.


The participants can use the chat option on the live streaming meeting window to send messages to everyone present in the meeting privately or they can send the message as shown to everyone present in the meeting.


Record your meetings and store them on the cloud or locally. Replay and share recordings with members who could not make it to your meeting, or download the recording for offline use or upload it to your Youtube channel.


Our end-to-end encryption for all meetings lets you conduct the online meeting privately and the entry of participants is password protected. This protects your meeting from unexpected intruders like hackers and abusers.

HD video and audio
Personal meeting rooms
Password protected
Invitation links
Real-time sharing of slides
Auto-view the active speaker
Mute all participants
Live Streaming to Youtube
Record, Replay, and Share videos
Chat and remote access
Custom domain for your team
Integration in other apps
Meet from Anywhere

Easily Meet your teams through any browser, computer, or mobile device with a consistent experience across all.

Call from Anywhere

Easily host or join a video conference and stay connected with your teams regardless of where they are located.

Collaborate from Anywhere

Easily access and share your documents, presentation files in real-time while conducting a call.

Contact from Anywhere

Easily invite new participants to join your meeting without leaving your conference.

Seamless Access Across Devices

With Infospica Talk you can invite guests to your video conference by simply sending a link in your browser on Windows or Mac or a mobile device. Share the link via email, WhatsApp or any other messenger of your choice; No need to require users install any software.

Security & Privacy

Keep your conversations secure with Infospica Talk

Only authorized moderator users are allowed to start and end a meeting
Meeting are password protected to restrict public access
Moderators can kick out or “Mute” participants
Audio and video are encrypted all the way from the sender to the receiver
Audio and video are never stored in any persistent storage
Data such as the chat, or speaker stats, are destroyed after the meeting ends
We do not retain any names, email or profile pictures
Recordings are kept on servers until it's upload to your shared location
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