Microsoft Power Apps is a platform that focuses on changing business processes into effective applications and offers pre-defined features. No matter how complex or simple business scenarios, we will cover developing, designing, consultation as well as support and maintenance for businesses and implement features that the Power Platform has to offer to improve efficiency for your business.

Benefits of Microsoft Power Apps

It is a no code solution so it is very easy to learn and implement for an organization
Possible to interact with existing data with 600+ connectors
It is cloud based, secure and supports different cross platforms
It can be easily integrated with other power platform products
It provides pro code extensibility so that we can integrate code based features inside power apps

Power Apps implementation process

We provide Power Apps consulting services by identifying challenges in clients' existing business processes and incorporate cross-industry best practice for rapid business transformation as well as sustainable advantages. We assist companies in gaining the benefits of digitization through aiding them in modernizing their outdated software.
In this phase we assist our clients develop an efficient and user-friendly business app either canvas app ,Azure functions or embedded apps based on your needs. Furthermore, any specific needs as well as preferences from our customers can be discussed and adapted to improve the way they run their businesses.
Integration Services help companies manage their data efficiently and streamline their processes. Our custom connectors and system integrators allow enterprises to speed up the implementation of mobile front-end interfaces for legacy systems. We help you integrate your app to any data sources such as SharePoint, salesforce, Office 365, Power Automate and Power BI, or Dynamics 365.
Support and Maintenance
To ensure smooth Microsoft Power Apps implementation and high availability, as well as flawless performance, technical support is essential. Infospica offers maintenance to fix errors and ensure functionality. We also help to train your staff to help them manage minor problems in the future.

Why Choose Infospica for Power Apps Services?

Through our Power Apps Consulting Services, our skilled developers help in governing Power Apps solutions throughout your company. Our experts can get you on the right track faster than doing it all on your own.

Experience working with multiple enterprises

We have experience growing international businesses. This makes us the most trusted provider of Microsoft Power Apps services both in India and around the globe.

Reasonable price

We offer our services at a very affordable price which will fit your business requirement and budget.

Microsoft certified partner

As a Microsoft certified partner, We can integrate power platform services with your existing systems like SharePoint, Teams, and many more.

Excellent support team

We are there for your support all the time. Our executives can be reached via any of the communication channels available to you.

End-to-end services

We take full responsibility for the project you assigned from the initial phase to the final delivery. In addition, we ensure the proper testing of the product, which helps you to resume other projects without having to worry.

Security assurance

We are dedicated to protecting your digital transformation journey. We will partner with you to create secure, outcome-focused, well-adopted Power app services.

Data Sources

  • commonDataService commonDataService
  • office365 office365
  • sharepoint sharepoint
  • excel excel
  • sqlserver sqlserver
  • onedrive onedrive
  • Dynamic Dynamic
  • dropbox dropbox
  • Common Data Service
  • Office 365
  • SharePoint
  • Excel
  • SQL Server
  • OneDrive
  • Dynamics 365
  • Dropbox


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The cost varies depending on the tasks you have to complete. Some forms can be used by one person, while others are intended for the whole company. We will discuss how to use your forms efficiently and offer best practices and recommendations to maximize the value. Feel free to contact us to know more.

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