Hiring new talent onboard takes time and effort. Hiring full-time resources for a single project is only feasible sometimes. So, the best way to extend your development team is IT Staffing.

Infospica can act as your extended team, working remotely with your organization to help you scale up much faster. We are a leading supplier of IT staffing solutions to businesses of all sizes and sectors. Our team of skilled IT recruiters work hard to connect top talent with the most promising possibilities available in the market.

Solutions We Provide

Infospica will supplement full-time IT staff through Onsite outsourcing either from our company or by recruiting talents that match your requirements. This means that we will send our qualified professionals to work at the client's place of business within the country for a specified period. Our clients will receive the most efficient and complete IT support through our outsourcing services.

Why Onshore outsourcing?
  • They are the most cost-effective option for outsourcing any aspect of your business.
  • Increases productivity.
  • Can hire employees as per project needs.
  • It is easier to manage quality control issues with onshore outsourcing.
  • Can hire trained talents.
  • In addition, there are no barriers to communication.
  • There are no time zone difference barriers.
How is it worth purchasing this service from Infospica?

We are dedicated to show our value to our clients. So that we will invest our time and effort to find the best talents for you. We make it simple for companies to locate the most skilled professionals according to their requirements faster and more effectively. You can hire the best fit for your needs from the shortlist of experts that we have built for you. These individuals will invest in your success and give you the tools to achieve your goals.

Offshore outsourcing service is among our most popular and most successful models. We have a team of experts to work remotely on behalf of clients. We offer our services to help them with specific projects, multiple projects, or project management.

Why Offsite outsourcing?
  • The more conventional and affordable method of remote outsourcing is to use the offshore staffing option.
  • Increased productivity with a clear plan and vision.
  • Flexible & Significant Cost Savings.
  • The way in which work is distributed allows teams to effectively work.
  • The rapid and secure delivery mechanism.
  • You can concentrate on your core business as the responsibility is shared.
  • Full-Service Provider that combines innovative technology and design talents.
Why Choose Infospica for Off-site Staffing Services?

Infospica extends solutions to cope with the procedure of searching for offsite IT staff for the varying needs of corporate companies. The companies can keep their staff in a profit-making way since the cost of off-shore employees is low and thus the businesses can make more money. Businesses are able to increase or decrease the size of their offshore team with no issues as long as these projects are within the timeframes specified by the company.

The path to IT software outsourcing can be a cost-saving strategy for agencies, service providers, and tech companies. However, finding a trustworthy, flexible, and adaptable outsourcing partner that can fit into pre-existing processes without overlapping them is difficult.

Companies are now looking to implement an efficient and straightforward BOT (Build Operate Transfer) model in software outsourcing. BOT model follows three phases: Build, Operate, and Transfer. These phases occur as the unit grows and evolves and are used to prepare for the company's takeover.

Why BOT model outsourcing?

Phases of the BOT model:

Build: This phase focuses on the establishment of the operation unit. This includes everything from setting up the infrastructure to installing IT devices, the Internet, and computers. Also where staffs are employed in this phase.

Operate: This is the phase where the project management happens. This involves developing products or projects, management, enhancements, and support. This is the time to implement best practices and optimize project management processes.

Transfer: This is the final stage where the client assumes control over the project. The provider then hands over the management of the office and associated processes to the client.

Benefits of building operate transfer model.
  • Minimizing the cost and time.
  • Bringing the product to the market faster.
  • Each side shares the responsibility for the project.
  • Can take advantage of the latest technologies in your project.
  • Improving team productivity.
  • Long term development strategy.
  • Expert team.
Why Choose Infospica for BOT Model Outsourcing?

We find an office space and deal with every activity like building infrastructure, hiring qualified team members, and all paperwork for our clients. We will stay close to you to understand your requirements and goals and give the most effective training to our team so that you will get more results than expected. We will thoroughly evaluate the growth of the project and provide you with accurate reports monthly.

Our Approach

  • Understand the requirements and final objective of the client
  • Let the client decide the period of the contract with us
  • Let the client set up the team after a screening process
  • Executed the project utilizing the team's skills and experience
  • Deliver results

Our Services

Web Developers
Web Designers
Mobile Developers
Software Testers
Marketing Managers
Project Managers

Why Infospica for IT Staffing?

Our IT Staffing services make you achieve better productivity, enhances application and optimizes the workflow, and reduces operational costs. We can help you augment your existing team with the right pool of talented individuals without stretching your budget.

Motivated Skilled Developers

Get skilled and experienced developers with an IT outsourcing model.


Through our Staff Augmentation you will be hiring an FTE or virtual staff without any need to set up an expensive office place, pay for employment taxes, etc.

Time Efficient

Our virtual staff are dedicated to you and will have expertise and experience in their respective fields. They are time-bound individuals, working towards meeting your business needs.

Direct Access

You have direct access to these resources and can directly assign work to them. Working with our resources would be exactly like working with your own employees.


You can instruct our resources on your processes and reporting methodologies and the same would be followed.

IP Protection

All intellectual property or copyrights of the work done by every resource would remain with you.

Industries We Serve

  • Banking
  • Education
  • Enterprise
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Security
  • Transport
  • Travel


Do you have additional questions?

The exposure to compliance claims in the areas of screening, hiring and testing are very real as well as the long-term effect on Unemployment rates and Workers Compensation Insurance when you hire the wrong employee.

We measure the value of our service in part by our ability to provide quality employees that generate an ROI with safety conscious performance.

We work with several community resources to connect with new members of the workforce.

We believe in honoring the standards of our clients. We employ a thorough screening and evaluation process. Our each Staffing Solutions follows Standard Operating Procedures related to screening, to ensure staffing with quality, service, and consistency.

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