Microsoft Power BI is among the most powerful software used for conducting business analysis which aims to support the development of businesses with the aid of data-driven decision making. We recognize that every company is different, so we provide custom solutions tailored to business requirements. Our experts assist you in creating an ideal solution that will fit your needs perfectly and boost growth. In addition, we will collaborate with you to pinpoint your needs for specific data and design custom reports and dashboards that offer valuable insights into your company's processes.

Benefits of Microsoft Power BI

Trends for Power BI are tremendously increasing compared to Tableau
Supports maximum features compared with other tools in the market
Power BI is the cheapest among other BI tools
Power BI can import data from 100 data sources
Recognized by the Gartner company which compares all BI products in the market

Power BI Products We Offer

 Power BI Mobile

Power BI Mobile

Lets you swiftly review your Power BI dashboards and reports on iOS devices, Android phones and tablets free of cost.
 Power BI Desktop

Power BI Desktop

Highly reliable and free tool to analyze data and report. It provides powerful functionality with the DAX query language feature.

Power BI Pro

Lets you access all Power BI Functionality and can share content at a price of 10$ per user and also provides a two-month free trial for all users.

Power BI Premium

Power BI premium offers lower pricing for a large user base and additional benefits. It provides a grander scale and performance for power bi content in your organization.

Why Infospica for Power BI Support?

As one of the most reputable Power BI service providers, we serve diverse industries in a way that meets their business requirements.

Expert Team

Our expert teams, who have sound knowledge of Microsoft power platforms, work in-depth to implement Power BI for your business to boost growth through data.

Secure Integration

We are well-versed in all one of the Power BI products and have been able to integrate them with Azure, Office 365, and Dynamics 365.

24*7 support

We're aware of the latest changes to your Power BI tool and will incorporate them into your business requirements to increase efficiency.

Well Updated

We're aware of the latest changes to your Power BI tool and will incorporate them into your business requirements to increase efficiency.

Extended Services

In addition to implementation, we offer training, migration, and post-service support. If you're already using another analytics application we can help you migrate into Power BI.


Do you have additional questions?

No it is not only a visualization tool, it can do much more beyond visualization that is you can filter and export data from the visual itself.

There are 4 components such as:
Power query - to extract, transform and load the data.
Power pivot - connect multiple source of data and create relationships.
Power view - create 250+ charts.
Power BI service- to share the report with different people.

The Power BI Premium license does not cost per user like Power BI pro pricing. This high-end offering meets the needs of every organization. Please Contact Us to know Power BI premium pricing plans in detail.

Want to implement Power BI to your Business?

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