Robotic Process Automation (RPA) development solutions enrich your business using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning capabilities. Infospica offers simple RPA solutions to set up and integrate seamlessly with your current systems. Our innovative technology can help companies automate high-volume repetitive tasks. Our experienced professionals will assist you throughout the implementation process and beyond to ensure a smooth transition and the highest effectiveness.

Benefits of WordPress Site

Saves cost
More accurate
Audit trail
Easy to implement
Lower risk

RPA Working Phases

Planning Phase

Analyze the business process, decide the level of automation needed, and finalize the implementation approach.

Development Phase

Creation of automated workflow documenting the complete procedure as per the plan.

Deployment and Testing Phase

Implemented the plan and thoroughly tested it to discover any unexpected errors.

Support and Maintenance Phase

Ensures the product is continuously updated with smooth deployment across the user phase.

RPA Bot Development

Infospica follows an agile method of Bot development. The main benefit of bots that run software is that they operate on a 24-hour basis and with the most incredible precision. Therefore, we cover the entire Bot development life cycle section that includes the analysis of requirements, designing, testing, deployment and maintenance that can help you increase efficiency and achieve a significant return on investment in a relatively short time.

Our Expertise

A profound experience in RPA digital transformation
Provide automation services that allow businesses to build a more efficient digital workforce
Develop hyper-focused and creative RPA software design and integration strategies
We modify our RPA services to assist companies in identifying new ways to improve the speed of operations
Our team manages crucial RPA workloads efficiently to expand your business in the future

Technologies and Service Industries

  • UiPath UiPath
  • Automation Anywhere Automation Anywhere
  • blueprism blueprism
  • workfusion workfusion
  • pega pega
  • Redwood Redwood
  • NiceSystem NiceSystem
  • kryon kryon
  • Linx Linx
  • Contextor Contextor
  • Kofax Kofax
  • Openspan Openspan
  • Inflectra Inflectra
  • Rapise Rapise
  • Softomotive Softomotive
  • Ui Path
  • Automation Anywhere
  • blueprism
  • WorkFusion
  • PEGA
  • NICE Systems
  • LINX
  • openspan
  • inflectra
  • Rapise
  • softomotive
  • Banking
  • IT integration process
  • Supply chain management SCM
  • Insurance
  • Marketing and sales
  • Customer relationship management CRM
  • Logistics
  • Hospitality
  • Education
  • Public sector
  • Human


Do you have additional questions?

The exposure to compliance claims in the areas of screening, hiring and testing are very real as well as the long-term effect on Unemployment rates and Workers Compensation Insurance when you hire the wrong employee.

The cost of our RPA robotic process automation services varies based on the software's capabilities and degree of sophistication. Solutions may cost as little as thousands for essential solutions to large budgets for multinational corporations.

When RPA projects were first implemented in Global companies, they were massive projects; however, RPA technology has advanced quickly, and implementations are now quick. The project is usually completed in just a few weeks.

No, both are different . AI is based on thinking and learning whereas RPA robots automatize work according to established guidelines.

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