Infospica is one of the trusted experts in AI consultation services. Our expert team is committed to providing the most cutting-edge AI solutions for businesses of any size. They outline the main goals and obstacles that slow your business down. With our extensive list of offerings, we assist companies in leveraging the potential of AI to fuel their performance.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Available 24*7 without any breaks
Have solutions for every complex issues
Take smarter business decision
Reduces the chances of human errors
It can be deployed across industries

AI Services Offered by Infospica

The service allows computers to gather data from multi-dimensional digital pictures or data, and decide to take action or make recommendations based on the information. We offer a wide range of Computer Vision services and solutions for different industries and scenarios. We assist companies in implementing AI solutions easily and increase the speed of their AI process and gain competitive advantages.

Benefits of AI Translation
  • Speedy translation
  • Easy to use
  • Very cost efficient
  • Simple to handle large contents
  • Translate text to multiple language

Infospica offers customized solutions and services for Computer Vision that give you an early start on your AI lifecycle, which allows computers to gather data from digital images or multi-dimensional data. We can transform your data from unstructured to precise, actionable insights and clear analytics. We help companies implement AI solutions quickly, increase their AI development speed, and provide lasting competitive advantages.

Benefits of Computer Vision Services
  • Quality services with no mistakes
  • Faster and simpler process
  • Cost reduction
  • Effectively detect fake videos and images
  • Ensure public security

Face recognition has been the most effective and efficient method of biometric verification, where the software maps facial features and stores them as a faceprint. This technology relies on image processing and machine learning. Deep learning algorithms are used to match a live image with a stored face print to verify an individual's identity.

Benefits of AI Face Detection
  • Additional security features
  • Accurate in detecting individuals
  • Easy to integrate
  • Increase accuracy
  • Protection over business

Predictive analytics is the method that uses data to predict future results. Predictive analytics can give decision-makers the information they need to anticipate developments, respond to problems proactively, and profit from future trends. This assists businesses in pricing their products, identifying trends, keeping track of inventory, etc.

Benefits of Predictive Analysis
  • Lower costs
  • Higher margins and profitability
  • Greater security and reliability
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Allows companies to cut downtime

RPA can be quickly implemented to speed up digital transformation. Automating workflows with robotics streamlines workflows that make organizations more productive, flexible, and responsive. Also, it improves employees' satisfaction, engagement, and productivity by removing monotonous tasks from their schedules.

Benefits of Robotic Process Automation
  • Help companies to drive ROI
  • Cost reduction
  • Avoid repetitive tasks
  • Effective data management
  • Offers scalability and flexibility

We offers natural language processing services based on a variety of tools for data analysis and text to make human-machine interactions simpler and allow businesses to provide the next generation online experiences. Our team is able to assist you integrate NLP capabilities into your applications such as bots, apps and IoT devices that cover a range of industries in order to reduce the complexity of documents and process them quickly.

Benefits of Natural Language Processing
  • Process large amount of data
  • Accurate analysis
  • Understand the root cause of a business
  • Better understanding the market
  • Understand multiple language and slangs

Companies are seeking chatbot development services that can prompt responses to their inquiries in real-time. Our wide range of chatbot development solutions use the right framework that help to meet all customer needs in the most efficient methods.

Companies are now looking to implement an efficient and straightforward BOT (Build Operate Transfer) model in software outsourcing. BOT model follows three phases: Build, Operate, and Transfer. These phases occur as the unit grows and evolves and are used to prepare for the company's takeover.

Benefits of Chatbot Development Services
  • Can be deployed across multiple channels
  • Make use of natural language
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Secure customer interaction

Why Choose Infospica?

Our team can help you implement the most recent AI tools for software development and methods to develop applications that produce practical business outcomes. Our work involves using mathematical and statistical concepts and the most advanced techniques to help you take advantage of strategically-oriented business possibilities.

  • Certified and well-versed experts.
  • Proper data governing and warehousing.
  • Focus on quality if results.
  • Adopt standard framework.
  • End to end risk and compliance management.


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