We provide various services that assist businesses and organizations in harnessing real value from IoT technologies. Our capabilities from gateways, sensors, connectivity, machine learning, analytics, and artificial intelligence allow us to enable digital transformation and increase business efficiency.

Benefits of IoT Solutions

Businesses can be connected to an extensive array of smart devices via the internet, enabling them to make better decisions while reducing operational costs
IoT technology can assist businesses by effectively enhancing productivity and efficiency by enabling real-time monitoring
The IoT can improve security in work environments. Sensors connected will keep an eye on confined areas and help people from risk
IoT methods and models help businesses to gather massive amounts of data regarding customers and products
Infospica's IoT Services

Infospica's IoT services provide a way to gain a competitive edge by helping you overcome the challenges of data and applications. We help you transform your company through intelligent decisions based on robust data analysis.

IoT Consulting Services
We assist business teams in understanding innovative technology and potential use cases. Our IoT consultants can help you take advantage of the latest technological opportunities and align them with your business strategy, no matter if you are starting your IoT journey.
Integrate AI Application
AI and IoT combine to create predictive, prescriptive, and autonomous systems. It transforms the way businesses, industries, and economies function. AI-enabled IoT creates intelligent machines with innovative behaviour supporting decision-making without human intervention.
IoT Data Management
Business leaders must create an IoT data management plan to ensure that IoT solutions are implemented securely, efficiently, and cost-effectively. A well-designed strategy will help to reduce cybersecurity risks and protect data privacy.
IoT Testing
IoT Testing is testing your IoT solution to ensure it is ready for use in real-life situations. Our testing services with devices in real-world conditions using the correct equipment and hardware allow you to gain better insight into customer experience, compatibility, and reliability.
Why Choose Infospica for IoT Services?

Infospica assists enterprises in simplifying the process by providing a complete suite of IoT solutions. Our approach is based on creating an IoT ecosystem that has led to an asset value chain consisting of connections of people, data, processes, and things. Our solutions are intelligently integrated with your business process to drive tangible business results.

  • Research phase
  • Design phase
  • Development phase
  • Testing phase
  • Support phase
Dedicated and Skilled Team
Our expert team lets clients reap the full benefits of IoT technology by achieving business results. We can create digital transformation in a hyperconnected world with our end-to-end capabilities using sensors, gateways and artificial intelligence.
Customer-Oriented Process
Our Approach is based on creating an Internet of Things ecosystem to identify your business needs. This allows you to accelerate your time to market with minimal risk.
Reduce Cost
We help you transform your company through data-driven decisions and industry-specific expertise in IoT technology, including Firmware Development, Cloud computing, and Data Analytics, at affordable cost.
Post-Launch Support
We'll ensure your users have the most current app versions after release. This will ensure that they can always enjoy the best performance and security.
Do you have additional questions?

It depends on the complexity and revisions required for the project. Our agile IoT development methodology allows us to deliver your project within the shortest time possible.

We provide the tools you need to protect your data by providing encryption and permissions through API keys. This allows you to decide when and whom you want your data shared with.
Maximize your business productivity with IoT Services
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