Top 10 AWS services aid digital transformation in 2023

Digital transformation is using digital technology to change how companies perform and provide benefits to customers fundamentally. AWS services can play an essential role in this transformation process, allowing enterprises to increase their capacity, streamline their operations, and innovate faster.

This article outlines the best AWS solutions that aid in digital transformation.

10 popular Amazon Web Services in 2023

There are many AWS solutions that could assist businesses in their digital transformation in 2023. Some of the most sought-after services are:

Amazon Lambda

The AWS Lambda is a serverless computing system driven by events that allow you to create code for virtually every kind of backend service without the requirement of provisioning and managing servers. It is suitable to run events-driven computing as well as backend processing.


AWS S3 is a highly scalable and affordable storage system that can save and retrieve data anywhere. S3 offers customers reliable and secure storage of their data as objects that are organized into buckets and accessible from anywhere in the world.S3 buckets are a great option to fulfill a myriad of functions such as file storage, backup, archiving extensive data analytics, as well as content distribution.

Amazon EMR

Amazon EMR is a cloud-based service that provides a managed Hadoop framework that makes it simple to speedily and efficiently process vast quantities of data. AWS ERP can perform web indexing, data mining, machine learning, and financial analysis.

Amazon EC2

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) is a cloud-based service offering resizable cloud computing capacity.EC2 lets users build virtual machines, also known as instances. These can be customized using various software and hardware configurations to satisfy specific needs.

AWS CloudFormation

AWS CloudFormation allows you to manage AWS resources using a text file. AWS CloudFormation will enable users to create and manage a set of AWS resources by provisioning and updating them in a secure and controlled way. There is no cost for AWS CloudFormation; customers pay for the resources needed to operate their applications.

Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS is a managed SQL database offered by Amazon. It is a web-based service that creates, governs, maintains, and expands an existing relational database in the cloud. It can also assist with managing relational databases, such as backup, data migration recovery, and patching.

Amazon EKS

A fully-managed service that lets you quickly deploy, manage and scale containerized applications with Kubernetes. Enterprises with hybrid cloud architectures adopt Amazon EKS for easy integration with an external DevOps infrastructure to run workloads on-premises. However, companies can leverage any investments already made with third-party tools in the same way they adapt to the Kubernetes environment.

Amazon CloudFront

A global Content Delivery Network solution that securely delivers videos, data applications, APIs, and other content to users around the globe. Amazon CloudFront is a highly secure CDN offering application and network security using AWS Shield Standard.

Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora is a MySQL and PostgreSQL relational database service that combines the performance and accessibility of premium business databases. In addition, it’s a fully-managed database service, where tasks such as hardware provisioning, software setting up, monitoring, and backup are entirely automated.

Amazon API Gateway

Amazon API Gateway is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) feature that lets businesses create, publish, maintain, monitor and secure APIs. The gateway allows developers to connect non-AWS-based applications directly to AWS back-end resources and improves the overall value of Amazon’s cloud services.

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