A pioneering Product Development platform powered by artificial intelligence, approached Infospica, seeking comprehensive solutions to address challenges related to their existing payment gateway. The company’s commitment to innovation and global expansion was hindered by limitations in payment coverage, methods, and accurate GST calculation.

Challenges Faced
  • The company faced restrictions with its existing payment gateway, which offered limited coverage and a constrained set of payment methods. This limitation hampered the company's ability to expand seamlessly into international markets.
  • The previous gateway lacked the capability to accurately calculate Goods and Services Tax. So the client had to resort to additional software installations to ensure precise GST calculations, resulting in increased complexity and potential errors.
Solutions Offered
Infospica recommended upgrading existing payment gateway to Stripe, a globally recognized and user-friendly platform. Stripe's extensive coverage and support for various payment methods ensured a seamless and inclusive payment experience for their clients worldwide.With Stripe's international capabilities, Infospica enabled the company to effortlessly extend its business operations to international markets. The streamlined payment processes facilitated smoother transactions, fostering a positive user experience for both domestic and international clients.
Infospica seamlessly integrated a comprehensive GST calculation module within the Stripe platform. This eliminated the need for additional software, simplifying the overall payment processing system and ensuring accurate GST calculations for compliance and financial reporting.
  • Streamline Billing Operations: Consolidate diverse payment methods into a unified platform.
  • Enhance User Experience: Provide clients with an intuitive and transparent payment interface.
  • Ensure Security and Compliance: Implement a secure payment processing system.
The company sought Infospica's expertise to overcome these challenges and establish a robust and flexible payment infrastructure that would support their global expansion efforts and streamline GST calculations.
Infospica's strategic integration of Stripe as the new payment gateway and the incorporation of a robust GST calculation module successfully addressed our client’s challenges. The collaboration resulted in an enhanced global presence, improved payment processes, and increased operational efficiency, positioning them for sustained growth and success in the competitive landscape.
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