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Business Analyst

8+ years of experience

Job Description
  • • 8+ years of experience
  • • Preparation of Business Case Document & coordinating with client or vendor team to understand the business objective or business need
  • • Preparation of BRD, FRD, and SRS along with sign-off from the client team.
  • • Prioritize product/ development backlog
  • • Create and analyze user stories/scenarios
  • • Write proper acceptance criteria
  • • Collaborate with the Development group to create a Functional Specification (FS) document
  • • Ensure developers adhere to business requirements and UI design specifications
  • • Define and document test strategy and test plans
  • • Communicate needed changes to the development team
  • • Create training and support programs as needed
  • • Prioritizes multiple tasks effectively; may be responsible for assigning project tasks.







Business Analyst
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