A global leader in chemical supply, with over 20 years of industry experience, approached Infospica with a complex challenge: to unify and streamline their digital presence across multiple country domains and languages while maintaining brand consistency and operational efficiency.

Challenges Faced
Client faced several hurdles in managing their expanding online presence:
  • Multiple websites across 20 domains
  • Content in various languages catering to global and local markets
  • Inefficient content management processes
  • Inconsistent branding across different platforms
  • Difficulty in providing real-time updates for time-sensitive information
Solution: Centralized CMS Implementation
Recognizing client's unique needs, Infospica proposed and implemented a robust centralized Content Management System (CMS) solution.
Our approach included:
Developing a unified, user-friendly website architecture
Implementing a powerful, scalable CMS platform
Integrating multilingual support and translation capabilities
Creating a centralized dashboard for managing all domains
Implementing real-time content publishing features
Key Features

Single Control Panel:  Manage content for all 20 domains from one interface

Multilingual Support: Create and manage content in multiple language

Real-Time Updates:  Publish time-sensitive information instantly across all platforms

Dynamic Content Management:  Create and manage content in multiple languages

User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design for easy adoption by client’s team

Scalable Architecture: Ability to add new domains and languages as the business expands

The centralized CMS solution delivered significant improvements for the client:
  • Enhanced Global User Experience: Each country-specific website now provides localized, intuitive navigation and easy access to information, improving customer satisfaction worldwide.
  • Improved Global Content Management Efficiency: The client's team can now manage content for all country domains and languages from a single platform, reducing time and effort by up to 70%.
  • Consistent Global Branding: The centralized approach ensures uniform branding and messaging across all country domains while allowing for necessary local adaptations.
  • Real-Time Global Updates: Critical information such as product availability and pricing can be updated instantly across all country sites and languages, keeping global customers informed.
  • Expanded Global Reach: Advanced multilingual support and country-specific content have helped the client better serve their diverse international clientele.
  • Streamlined Global Workflows: The new CMS has simplified content creation, translation, approval, and publishing processes across all markets, increasing overall operational efficiency.
Long-Term Impact
The implementation of the multi-domain, multilingual centralized CMS by Infospica has positioned the global chemical supplier for continued growth and success in the international market. The scalable solution allows for easy expansion into new country markets and languages, supporting the client's ongoing international growth strategy while maintaining a cohesive global brand presence.
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